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Hartley's Heritage 

Hartley's impeccable business credentials have been earned through a long tradition of creative investment and acquisition spanning nearly 500 years.

We pursue a policy of growth through long-term investment, primarily in Banking, Finance, Property, Natural Resources and Specialised Sectors including quality brand names and unique technologies.

Hartley continue to pursue further acquisitions and are experienced in joint venture partnerships.

 Hartley Investment Trust & Group

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Hartley’s land and property divisions specialise in purchasing sites, obtaining planning permissions, managing major building developments, and selling or letting commercial, industrial and residential space at prestigious sites throughout Britain, Spain, the USA and Russia.

Hartley has many well established properties as well as a substantial land-bank available for all categories of development in the future.


Hartley’s energy and natural resource interests include timber in Russia, and gas in the USA.

Hartley is also an active investor in environmental technologies and projects.

Hartley’s diverse portfolio of leisure and retail brands includes hotels, cafés and restaurants in Spain, and the historic British luxury clothing brand Crombie.

Hartley Investment Trust Limited was formed as an investment banking company in 1983. Alan J Lewis CBE is the Chairman and majority shareholder.

Hartley’s interests include investment banking operations in both the USA and Spain.

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